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On the hunt for Hong Kong’s best speciality coffee

Mrs Cosy and I, plus an increasingly large bump (the expectant Cosy junior), had the excellent luck to be able to head to Hong Kong and Taipei for a long-overdue holiday. It was our second trip to Hong Kong – our coffee taste buds have matured since the first, and so has the region’s coffee scene.

The ‘umbrella’ protests had started to wane, though they remain, with hopes of safeguarding the democratic prospects of this Special Administrative Region of China. As for us, our first coffee stop was the very good Barista Jam in Sheung Wan, a region of Hong Kong Island.

Also in Sheung Wan, with branches elsewhere, the small chain of 18 Grams is a well-established player in Hong Kong’s coffee scene. My flat white was very good.

Our favourite coffee spot, however, was Knockbox Coffee in Kowloon, the varied and bustling region over on the peninsula. Though a little on the snobby side (no decaf, no soy, no different size, no syrup “because that’s how coffee should be”), there’s no doubting the quality of the coffee. The very friendly staff also offered the pregnant Mrs Cosy a free banana (we left a good tip to compensate!). Read our full review of Knockbox and see photos.

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