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Weird and wonderful alternative uses for coffee

Thanks to our friends at Joe Black Coffee for this blog post.

For many of us throughout the world we think about and use coffee as a drink. Whether it’s part of our morning ritual, socialising with friends or an after dinner treat, coffee is consumed on a grand scale across the world. But over the years people have discovered alternative uses for the drink that range from the weird to the wonderful. If you ever have left over coffee grounds, or fancy yourself a bit of an artist, the following uses for coffee may help you become an environmentally conscious artists without ever getting a headache.


According to the many reports about the world’s consumption of oil, we’re passed peak production and will run out of oil at some point this century. Before we return to the horse and cart or dust off our oversized roller blades from the 1980’s, scientists are looking at a wide variety of alternative fuels to offset the impending crisis. Solar power, wind and sea turbines are some of the more common methods, but we now have the potential to produce fuel from something we throw away every day, our used coffee!

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