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Best Vietnamese Coffee Shops in London

Guest blogger. We’ve tasted some authentic Vietnamese coffee – in Vietnam, no less – and we love the distinctive taste of Vietnamese coffee in the UK, too. We’re grateful to our friends at Tassimo for sharing their thoughts on the best Vietnamese coffee shops in London.

When you think of the origins of your next cup of coffee, you might imagine that they’ve come from the misty mountains of Costa Rica, Columbia or Brazil. In fact, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee beans worldwide, shipping an estimated 1.13 million tonnes each year. First introduced to the country in 1857 by French plantations, it has since become a major part of the economy. While much of Vietnamese coffee is exported for our standard brew, local coffee drinkers themselves have come up with a deliciously unique taste – combining a strong, dark brew, and rich, creamy condensed milk.

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