North East

Doolally, Berwick-Upon-Tweed

17 July 2006

Hidden away on Bridge Street in lovely Berwick is the equally lovely Doolally.

Doolally, Berwick

It lives up to its name. Continental-style chairs sit incongruously alongside garish flowery table-cloths. The busy walls (which include local notices and posters) complement the general feeling that this was cobbled together without too much care.

Doolally, Berwick

…and that’s just the kind of atmosphere I like.

It is relaxing, friendly, and utterly non-pretentious, apart perhaps from the “café bistro” title.

Doolally, Berwick Doolally, Berwick

As well as expensive dinner options there are light bites and plenty of cakes and scones. But it’s possible to sit with just a coffee at most times of day. There are daily papers available and it altogether quite charming.

Doolally, Berwick Doolally, Berwick

Previously, Café 52.

50 Bridge Street

We visited on 17 July 2006.

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