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August 2008

  • East

    Beans Coffee Stop, Stamford

    The Beans Coffee Stop is a small chain of five. So not exactly independent, but rightly squeezing its way into this blog.…

    14 August 2008
  • East Midlands

    The Bottle Kiln, West Hallam

    The Bottle Kiln is a beautifully restored building in West Hallam, between Nottingham and Derby. Visit for shops, a garden and a much lauded café.…

    10 August 2008
  • South East

    Workhouse Coffee Company, Reading

    Reading isn’t even a city but it finds space for a handful of great indie coffee shops.  The Workhouse Coffee Company was my third stop in what is arguably England’s largest town, and it’s yet another smashing place.…

    9 August 2008
  • South East

    Picnic, Reading

    I nearly walked right on past because Picnic is not ostensibly a coffee shop, at least not in the usual sense of this blog. But even though coffee is not top of the menu, it’s…

    9 August 2008
  • South East

    Combibos, Oxford

    As I was passing through Oxford I had to stop at Combibos.  The friendly folks claim to serve “probably the best coffee” in town, and, as far as I can tell, they are probably right.…

    9 August 2008