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May 2014

  • South West

    Full Court Press, Bristol

    The final stop on our visit to Bristol was Full Court Press, recommended by readers and by the owners of other Bristol coffee shops.…

    7 May 2014
  • South West

    Didn’t You Do Well, Bristol

    Didn’t You Do Well is the second in our hit list of three young Bristolian coffee shops. Update, August 2015: we’re sad to say that the excellent Didn’t You Do Well has closed.…

    6 May 2014
  • South West

    Small St. Espresso, Bristol

    We visited the lovely city of Bristol in search of a triumvirate of speciality coffee shops recommended by readers (and the small matter of a wedding). Small St. Espresso was first on the list.…

    5 May 2014
  • London

    The Attendant, Fitzrovia, London

    There’s nothing quite like The Attendant, the resurrection of an ornate Fitzrovian urinal. It reminded us why we love visiting coffee shops.…

    1 May 2014