A coffee kickstarter for Manchester

10 November 2013

We received an interesting email the other day from a chap called Pete Gibson, a Manchester-based budding entrepreneur.

With friend Luke Tomlinson, Pete plans to set up a rather nifty-looking “coffee pod” in the heart of Manchester. The duo are using crowdfunding website Kickstarter to achieve their dreams, and are looking to reach £10,000 in donations in 30 days (their funding round ends on 4th December).

As with all Kickstarter projects, Luke and Pete have to collect every penny of their £10,000 by 4th December, or they get nothing. The pair have already obtained planning permission, signed the relevant contracts with the Council and sourced coffee suppliers. The crowdsourcing will hopefully fund the coffee machine and other vitals, and give them a little buffer as they leap into the unknown.

Grindsmith Manchester kickstarter

As co-founder of a startup company myself, I have great admiration for young people taking the giant step into self-employment. Kickstarter is an interesting proposition too, with prospective business owners promising not shares but CDs, magazines, a big hug or whatever else they deem appropriate in exchange for cash from “investors”. In Luke and Pete’s case, it’s coffee for a month, coffee for a year, coffee for life, cake, etc.

I don’t know a great deal about the pair, but I’m intrigued by their fab-looking pod, which will be branded Grindsmith. I’m not aware of a coffee shop being bootstrapped by crowd=sourcing before.

Have a look at their Kickstarter page and decide if you’d like to donate – you could help a new business get off the ground.


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