A cosy little refresh, and why babies and blogging don’t necessarily mix

6 August 2015

Cosy Coffee Shops, UK coffee shop reviews

As you may have noticed, we’ve given Cosy Coffee Shops a facelift. We wanted it to be lighter, sleeker, more accessible.

It was also a little bloated, not only for our readers but behind the scenes too. So we’ve cut things back, had a lovely spring clean, and we’re feeling good about the world again.

The reconciliation couldn’t come too soon. With our spare time all the more precious following the arrival of our beautiful daughter in late February, we needed a sleeker blog and a degree of reinvigoration.

Our daughter (Lottie) is also the cause – indirectly – of our recent dramatic tail-off in our coffee shop visits.

Which is ironic, considering just how critical caffeine has become to our very existence in the last few months.

Yes, basically she’s a little bundle of nuisance (not really, she’s wonderful).

Anyway, as the rollercoaster of early parenthood begins to level out, we’re determined to get back on the cafe trail. Coffee shops, here we come.

Thanks as always for reading.

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