‘Best Coffee In…’ City Guides

We’ve condensed, collated and cajoled our local coffee knowledge into a series of pint-sized “Best Coffee In…” city guides.

Now you can quickly and simply find the best independent, speciality coffee shops in your favourite UK locations.


London is surely the centre of speciality coffee in the UK. With so much to choose from, we’ve done our best to condense the best of London’s coffee scene into one easily-digestible guide.

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Lovely, creative Bristol. Home of Banksy, Brunel and – we have discovered over the years – brilliant coffee. There are three new-ish (opened 2013) coffee shops that we can’t choose between. So, in no particular order…

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Norwich, Mr Cosy’s birthplace, boasts not only mustard and Delia but also three of the best coffee shops in the country. Each offers something different. Why not try all three?

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York is famed for its heritage, tourists and tea-rooms. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a booming speciality coffee scene. A coffee trawl is a great way to get to know the city, with terrific shots to be found in an ancient 14th Century tower and a 16th Century gatehouse, among other places.

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Scratch the surface of this most immaculate of English cities and find a top quality café scene. It started with a serial UK Barista Champion and has grown from there. No shortage of fantastic options.

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More ‘Best Coffee In…’ guides coming soon.