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    Welcome to the new Cosy Coffee Shops

    Cosy Coffee Shops has been spring-cleaned. It’s a lean, mean, coffee machine, bringing to your attention the very loveliest independent coffee shops in the UK and beyond, just for the love of it.…

    2 June 2013
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    Top 10 Coffee Shops Outside London, 2012

    London has some terrific coffee shops. You don't have to look far for someone-or-other's top 10. But, these days, the regions are well-represented with excellent indie cafés, regardless of what some London coffee-heads might have…

    24 March 2012
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    Muffins to go with your coffee

    Fancy something sweet with your afternoon coffee? Here's a video and an easy recipe for 12 delicious muffins, homemade for the readers of Cosy Coffee Shops. …

    19 February 2011
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    Top 10 Coffee Shops in Britain, 2010

    2009 was a successful one for British coffee and coffee shops. Gwilym Davies brought home the title of World Barista Champion and great independent coffee shops seem to be arriving thick and fast (particularly…

    5 February 2011