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    Strangers Coffee House, Norwich

    Located in the charming, higgledy piggledy Lanes area of Norwich is the wonderful Strangers Coffee House. Our visit felt long overdue, especially as Tom is a Norwich boy himself. We were welcomed warmly by…

    8 March 2014
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    Massaro’s, Cambridge

    As the sun set on a rare day in Cambridge, we visited Massaro’s, possibly Cambridge’s best coffee shop. Jan 2014. Sadly, we understand that Massaro’s has now closed. Gladly, we hear Andrea and Elaine…

    24 February 2013
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    Hot Numbers Coffee, Cambridge

    A rare opportunity to visit Cambridge. Delightfully, an artisan coffee scene is burgeoning, and about time too. First up, Hot Numbers.…

    27 January 2013
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    The Window Coffee, Norwich

    The Window may be the smallest coffee shop in the world, but it’s a mug-and-a-half full of joy. Update, August 2015: we’re sad to say that The Window closed last month. However, we understand Hayley…

    7 May 2011
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    The Little Red Roaster, Norwich

    This is a little coffee shop with its own roaster, which is itself quite little, and red. It’s not far from the centre of Norwich.…

    17 July 2009
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    Beans Coffee Stop, Stamford

    The Beans Coffee Stop is a small chain of five. So not exactly independent, but rightly squeezing its way into this blog.…

    14 August 2008
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    The Café Racer, Salthouse, Norfolk

    A special entry to mark this blog’s 61st description of a cosy coffee shop (any excuse). This time – for the first time – it’s not a coffee shop but a fabulous van.…

    14 June 2008
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    The Beanery, Holt

    The Beanery Café is a coffee shop in Holt, North Norfolk (not too far from the coast). Update, 2013: We understand The Beanery has closed.…

    8 March 2008