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Colonna & Hunter, Bath

22 August 2015

Colonna & Hunter Bath featured

Three-times UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is on a caffeine-fuelled mission to rule the world. We certainly won’t try and stop him; his coffees and cafés are pictures of perfection.

His second shop – sufficiently different from Colonna & Small’s to warrant a separate entry on our blog – is Colonna & Hunter. (What did Mr Small do that was so terrible as to be replaced by Mr Hunter, we wonder?)

Colonna & Hunter is in the smart new Milsom Place. It’s got style… breeze blocks for table legs, the painstakingly decorated ‘penny wall’, hand-drawn murals.

Unlike the original Colonna & Smalls, it also has beer (lovely real ale, which we like almost as much as good coffee) and two or three delicious and reasonably-priced hot lunches which change daily.

And the coffee – of course – is superb. On a recent visit I had a flat white which, if I kept a list of the ten best coffees I’ve had, would have been in it. Mrs Cosy visited twice in one day, just to make doubly sure that the Guatemalan filter coffee she’d had really was that good.

The setting too is very pleasant. Plenty of space and light. The staff are as good as they come. Sure, there’s the typical Colonna touch of ‘no sugar or else’, which I know puts some people off, but it’s an approach I’m comfortable with, and the staff aren’t snobby.

I’m lucky enough to visit Bath frequently for work, and I invariably pop in to Colonna & Hunter at least once per trip. It’s up there with Colonna & Smalls, which we think is the best in the country. Can’t be bad.

Milsom Place
Milsom St

Twitter: @Colonna_Hunter

We visited on 18 August 2015.

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