Knockbox Coffee, Hong Kong

16 November 2014

Hong Kong coffee - best coffee in Hong Kong

Not to be confused with the recently-reviewed Knockbox Coffee in London, this older, unrelated and very far away café is the best we found on our recent trip to Hong Kong.

We were lucky enough to head to Hong Kong earlier this month. The ‘umbrella’ protests had shrunk to a relatively small part of Hong Kong Island, though the fight for the region’s democratic future continues.

It was our second trip to Hong Kong – we were here back in 2010. The coffee scene has moved on – it’s easier than it was to find decent coffee.

Like many places, however, it’s still hard to find outstanding coffee. The closest we came was Knockbox, in Kowloon, part of Hong Kong’s mainland peninsula.

It’s slightly snobby, with a sign professing “No decaf, no soy, no skimmed milk, no different size, no syrup… because that’s how coffee should be”. I have mixed feelings about this approach. In any event, it seems fairly unusual in Hong Kong – even the top speciality coffee houses tend to pander to the masses with syrups, frothy cappuccinos and so on.

Not so Knockbox, which focuses on what it considers ‘proper’ artisan coffee. Snobby it may be, but the staff, thankfully, seem very friendly and down-to-earth.  One was kind enough to offer my pregnant wife a free banana – we left a good tip to compensate!

The guest coffees rotate regularly. My black coffee, made with a syphon, was the best I had in Hong Kong.

If Knockbox has a flaw, it’s that it’s a little cramped. The baristas dare not even leave the confines of the counter, preferring instead to reach over when the coffee’s ready.

Despite its shortcomings, Knockbox was our favourite Hong Kong coffee shop. For an overview of others we visited, plus some more suggestions and photos, see our blog post.


21 Hak Po Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong

Twitter: @Knockbox_Coffee

We visited on 31 October 2014.

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