Lantana, London

1 September 2013

Lantana is a tremendous little coffee shop in London’s Fitrovia district.

Lantana, London Lantana, London

The décor is as you might expect in this neck of the woods: just like its Fitzrovian neighbours (Kaffeine and the Tap trio), pale walls and lots of wood are the order of the day.  That’s no bad thing. Combined with the impressive mural on the far wall, it makes for a cool-looking place.

There’s something captivating about Lantana. Maybe it’s the slightly tucked-away location. Maybe it’s because Lantana has been around for over 3 years, which makes it a veritable stalwart of the London third wave coffee scene. Maybe the clue’s in the name, lan·ta·na [lan-tan-uh]: a beautiful flower that thrives in unlikely environments.

Lantana, London Lantana, London

Or maybe it’s just the friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere and excellent coffee. We had a flat white (pretty much perfect) amongst other things, and a scrumptious cake. The coffee beans come from the invariably terrific Square Mile.

The staff were keen to see our photos, noticing a tiny smudge on the coffee mug. Pride and perfectionism are good signs.

Lantana’s food is home baked on the premises. Next door is “Lantana Out”, for takeaway.

Lantana, London Lantana, London

Just like the lantana plant, which found its way from South America to Australia, Lantana (the café) is an import, arriving in London courtesy of its – surprise surprise – Australian owners.

I (Tom) have visited a couple of times before this review – drawn to Lantana when I’m lucky enough to be in London. A buzzing little place in a cool spot. Lovely jubbly.

Tom and Abi

13 Charlotte St

Twitter: @lantanacafe

We visited on 28 April 2013.

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