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Lempicka, Beverley

28 February 2009

The very scrumptious Lempicka is on Beverley’s Wednesday Market, the smaller of the town’s two market places.

Lemipicka, Beverley

Called variously “La Boutique”, “La Chocolatier”, “Continental Café” and just plain “Lempicka”, this is a superb coffee shop with in a continental style.  The signs, the design, the coffee, the chocolates and even the little glass of water to accompany an espresso all say: France!

Lemipicka, Beverley Lemipicka, Beverley

Aletia, the owner, tells me she took over Lempicka almost by accident. A few years ago the café was up for grabs and Aletia, a self-confessed former “health freak”, imagined a haven for healthy eaters. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m delighted to see that Aletia’s priorities have changed, as demonstrated by the plates of cakes and rows of gorgeous chocolates!

Lemipicka, Beverley Lemipicka, Beverley

The usual coffee options are there and are top of the menu, plus a welcome surpirse… Turkish coffee. Something I’d love to see in more coffee shops. Pity it isn’t made the Turkish way (on a hob, see this Wikipedia article); at Lempicka it is more or less an espresso poured over cardamom. As a result, I found myself unwittingly drinking the cardamom, so the search for a proper Turkish (aka Greek) coffee continues!

Aletia offered me a latte, so I had that as well! It came with professionally-crafted latte art (she obviously knows her stuff).  I also tried my girlfriend’s hot chocolate and a cake…. both very nice.

Lemipicka, Beverley

Aletia is passionate about coffee and about creating an all-round brilliant café, and she has succeeded. Lempicka has a lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, and a perfect mix of coffee, cakes and chocolate.

It’s fantastic spot for relaxing with a good drink, reading the papers or chatting away; just what Cosy Coffee Shops is about.

Lemipicka, Beverley Lemipicka, Beverley

Outside the front door is Beverley, a historic town between Hull and York. It’s a bustling place with a famous Minster, nice shops and plenty of old bars (arches) and gates (streets).

I would recommend a visit to Beverley, and highly recommend a visit to Lempicka, probably the best coffee shop in East Yorkshire.

Lemipicka, Beverley Lemipicka, Beverley

A short description: click here

An article about Wednesday Market, featuring Aletia: click here

13 Wednesday Market
HU17 0DH

We visited on 28 February 2009.

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  • Katherine Gruszka 18 September 2009 at 11:49 am

    On a recent visit to Beverley, my mum, my aunt and myself visited the Lempicka Continental Cafe and had the most delicious hot chocolate outside of Crackow accompanied by a piece of equally delicious cake.
    On leaving the cafe I purchased a box of their tempting chocolates but unfortunately left them on a table just
    in front of the cafe outside.
    Luckily for me these were handed back in to the cafe and the next day when I rung Lempicka I was told the chocolates would be posted to me that same day – now thats what you call service.
    I can fully recommend this little gem for a most enjoyable coffee, chocolate, tea (in fact anything you would wish to drink)
    break plus a great variety of temping cakes. Last but not least the service and friendliness of all the staff was wonderful.

  • James, Fraser & Catriona 25 April 2010 at 9:40 am

    A fantastic place to relax and enjoy a delicious mug of coffee, the afternoon sun warms the front where you can sit and watch the bustling market square and soak up the friendly atmosphere created by Aletia and her wonderful team.
    But there is more to it than chocolates, coffee and cake (as if you need anything else), they have a great selection of food and will cater for children too. My little girl was given a cheese ciabatta accompanied by a smiley face salad 🙂

  • Stephen O'Neill 20 October 2016 at 7:43 am

    Lempicka’s one for my missus, I find – maybe it’s the chocolate!

    Re. Turkish coffee – still not stumbled on a better one than one I had in 2009 in Edinburgh: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186525-d1316472-Reviews-Cafe_Truva-Edinburgh_Scotland.html

    My first experience of the stuff, what a blast!