Massaro’s, Cambridge

24 February 2013

As the sun set on a rare day in Cambridge, we visited Massaro’s, possibly Cambridge’s best coffee shop.

Jan 2014. Sadly, we understand that Massaro’s has now closed. Gladly, we hear Andrea and Elaine have opened a new cafe, also in Cambridge, called The Table. More details soon.

Massaro's, Cambridge Massaro's, Cambridge

As the sign says, Massaro’s is an artisan food and coffee bar.

It has been recommended by a number of readers and via Twitter. Finally, this was our chance to visit, and it didn’t disappoint.

Massaro's, Cambridge

Since setting up shop in 2008, owners Andrea and Elaine have endured a proper start-up rollercoaster. Massaro’s started life as a deli, slowly evolving to the coffee shop as the husband & wife team found their niche. Occasionally painful wranglings with the local planning department spiced things up along the way.

Thankfully, all is now well with the world, and Massaro’s can focus on doing what it does best – excellent coffee with lunches and cakes, with a subtle Italian twist.

Massaro's, Cambridge Massaro's, Cambridge

Andrea and Elaine are mad about coffee. On rare days off, they often pop down to London to try the capital’s best and latest brews.

They bring their expertise to the Cambridge locals. Interestingly, Andrea tells me that the unique blend they serve has been designed with Cambridge in mind. The city, it seems, isn’t quite ready for super-contemporary coffee; blends with a more traditional, Italian taste tend to go down better.

Fascinating to think that different cities have different coffee tastes.

Massaro's, Cambridge Massaro's, Cambridge

Whatever the local demand, my flat white was delicious. A step-up from Hot Numbers, not too Italian (!), and probably the best in town. Beans come from ever-dependable Has Bean.

Massaro’s is a smashing, relaxed place with friendly, passionate owners and great coffee. The beating heart of Cambridge’s improving coffee scene and highly recommended.

Massaro's, Cambridge Massaro's, Cambridge

85 Regent St

Website: massaros.co.uk
Twitter: @newmassaros

We visited on 30 December 2012.

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  • Adrian Hardy 9 November 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Sadly Massaro’s seems to have closed down. Only got to go there once, always planned to go back as it was great, but when I did I was too late.

    • Cosy Coffee Shops 9 November 2013 at 6:51 pm

      Adrian, thanks for letting us / our readers know. That’s really sad to hear – it was a lovely place run by good people.

      • Yvan Seth 22 December 2013 at 1:47 pm

        Hi, I’m glad to report that A&E Massaro have reopened the café! They’ve got themselves a license, have redesigned the place, and are giving it another go – no longer are they “Massaro’s” though.

        The good news is: same people, same funky lever espresso machine, sameHasBean coffee.

        Better news is: they will be supplementing their previous café-style offering with a small & changing range of wines & craft beer.

        The new name is: “The Table” (they have a huge central table, but also some small ones and still the booths at the back).

        Cheers! -Yvan (an espresso fiend & much-relieved friend of the café)

        • Cosy Coffee Shops 22 December 2013 at 11:32 pm

          Hi Ivan, thanks for letting us koiw – that’s great news!