Nude Espresso, London

29 November 2009

Between Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane is Nude, with the bare cheek to be one of the best coffee shops in London.

Nude Espresso, London

Nude was the fourth coffee stop on my rainy weekend in London.

It is different from the others as the coffee beans are unique to Nude.  It used to buy from Monmouth Coffee Company, but now sources its own and roasts them on site.  It is the only coffee shop I know of in London which does this (Monmouth roasts its own, but not on site).

Nude Espresso, London Nude Espresso, London

It’s a popular, bustling place.  It’s run by Rich, a Kiwi, who is passionate about his coffee.  So it’s another place in London run by folk from down-under, and what a wonderful job they’re all doing.

My coffee was fantastic, and expertly presented.  On a weekend of amazing coffee, it stood out.  So it’s yet another London café fully deserving of the “top notch for coffee” label.

Nude Espresso, London Nude Espresso, London

There are plenty of seats and it’s lighter and more inviting than some other cafés in the capital.  There are a few corners for a lengthy sit-down, though when I was there it was very busy and quite noisy.  The service is friendly and the food (although I didn’t have any) looks great.

Comfy, friendly, and brilliant coffee.  A very fine place.

Nude Espresso, London Nude Espresso, London

26 Hanbury Street


We visited on 29 November 2009.

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  • Wayne Plumber 14 September 2010 at 4:42 pm

    I love this place. The people who work in there are always friendly and I love all their hot drinks.

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  • Stuart Williams 11 August 2013 at 11:29 am

    I arrived here one Saturday at 11:57am and asked for a table for two as I was meeting a friend at 12. I was told I couldn’t have a table in case my friend was late and others turned up asking for the same. There were at least two free tables. Do they not allow single people to drink a coffee here? My friend arrived bang on time and we snatched a table as quickly as possible…. Not very welcoming if you ask me – a shame, as the coffee and food were great.