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Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico

20 September 2010

In friendly Oaxaca is Nuevno Mundo, a café roasting its own beans and serving delicious brews.

Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico

We’ve been in Mexico for a week or so, and already we’ve had more luck in the coffees-shop stakes than in 3 months in South America.

Now we’re in Oaxaca, an old colonial town 6 hours south-east of Mexico City. Sprawling Zapotec city Monte Albán is nearby.

Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Nuevo Mundo is a small café with a couple of tables inside and a few more in the adjacent passageway. The staff are very friendly and, aside from coffee, there are plenty of tasy pastries.

Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico

The beans are sourced from Oaxaca state, one of many fertile coffee-growing regions of Mexico. Nuevo Mundo roasts them on site. Sacks of beans line the roasting room and fantastic smells permeate the building.

Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico

I had a great latte, very fresh, very nicely presented. Lovely stuff. This is the place for the best coffee in Oaxaca (well, I’d be surprised if it isn’t).

A terrific coffee shop, well worth a visit.

A second great option is Cafe Brujala, just round the corner (Garcia Vigil 409-D, between Ignacio Allende and M. Bravo). Lovely coffee, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Website: http://www.cafebrujula.com/

For travellers with laptops, iPods etc, both Nuevno Mundo and Cafe Brujala have reliable wi-fi (Brujala has power points too).

Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico Nuevo Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Note: Our guidebook map incorrectly labels “M. Bravo” as “N. Bravo”. Google is getting it completely wrong at the moment; it says it’s “Mariano Abasolo” (it shows M. Bravo as being somewhere it’s not). Aside from the map confusion, Nuevo Mundo is relatively easy to find.

M. Bravo 206
Centro Histórico
C.P. 68000

Website: http://cafenuevomundo.com

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