One million visitors and counting

13 September 2013

Cosy Coffee Shops received its one millionth visitor last month – just thought we’d share the good news!

We’re constantly delighted with the popularity of our humble website. We’ve afforded it a lot of care and attention since its humble beginnings in 2006, and we’re chuffed to think that one million people around the world – or, at least, one million hits – have been recorded.

(In fact, since then, we’ve already had another 16,000 visitors.)

Hopefully in our own small way we’re spreading a little joy, and doing a bit of good for the indie coffee scene (these talented entrepreneurs deserve our support!).

For our part, we’ll continue do our part to keep seeking out fabulous coffee shops and blog about all things coffee.

Hits are great, not least for our fab supporters, without whom this site would not pay for itself.

But, more importantly, we’re motivated by the knowledge that you, our wonderful readers, use Cosy Coffee Shops to find great indie cafes around the country, even going on national coffee crawls based on our map.

This site wouldn’t exist without you.

Thanks a million!

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