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Opposite Cafe, Victoria Quarter, Leeds

8 September 2015

Opposite Victoria Quarter Leeds 2

Originally opposite the University of Leeds (which we visited way back in 2008), and more recently in Victoria Quarter and Chapel Allerton, Opposite is slowly but surely spreading its spindly tentacles of coffee loveliness across this great city.

This review is for the stall in Victoria Quarter, the most central of the three branches and, as a result, the one that I’ve visited the most over the years.

Seating is by way of tall tables and seats fixed to the floor of the arcade, or by a bench attached to the shop itself. It’s a simple affair, most suited to a quick takeaway.

The coffee, with beans from Square Mile, is consistently good. The baristas must get lonely in their little shack, day in day out – they’re always happy to chat. And, it turns out, pose for photos.

It’s not big and it’s not fancy, but this little place is one of the best bets for top quality coffee in central Leeds.

Victoria Quarter
Queen Victoria Street

Website: www.oppositecafe.co.uk/
Twitter: @oppositecafe
Facebook: oppositecafe

We visited on 24 August 2015.

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