Signing off after 10 wonderful years of coffee-shop hunting

13 June 2016

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce an end to Cosy Coffee Shops, exactly ten years after visiting our first coffee shop – Pop Cafe in Manchester.

150 coffee shops later (and many more than never made it on to the blog), Abi & I have decided to call it a day. It’s partly because there are now a plethora of coffee shop blogs, travel review sites, articles about coffee and so on. But mostly it’s because we don’t get quite the same enjoyment from blogging, or have quite as much time.

We’re immensely proud that Cosy Coffee Shops is one of the UK’s longest-running and successful coffee shop blogs and that it has helped well over a million visitors find the best of the country’s independent coffee scene. Hopefully, this has in turn helped in some small way all those passionate, talented baristas establish their fledgling businesses.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it was the original coffee shop blog, started at a time when we Brits didn’t know our flat whites from our long blacks, and an Aeropress was a mere glint in an inventor’s eye.

We still love great coffee shops, and we continue to explore new places, most recently in Scandinavia. On a recent holiday we found terrific independent places in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen. But we decided it was more fun to sit, chat and drink coffee than take photos and type.

Abi Lottie coffee

Tom Lottie coffee

(Our baby daughter Lottie may have something to do with us having less time.)

More than ever, we’re certain a great coffee shop is nothing without great people. And we’ve been privileged to meet so many of them on our coffee shop journey.

This blog has not only introduced us to lovely folk but also encouraged us to visit new places and try new things. We’ve learned so much, and it has brought us opportunities, new experiences and a great deal of pride. I’d recommend blogging to anyone. Just stick with it! (Ten years is enough…)

A huge thank you to all our readers and sponsors for all your support over the years. We’ll continue to support brilliant independent coffee shops, and we hope you will too.

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  • Youri 15 June 2016 at 8:13 am

    Hi Tom,

    Shame to see you go. I would like to thank you for the beautiful blog! You certainly helped to put great coffee on the map 🙂

    Enjoy your new baby girl Lottie and see you soon,


  • Leigha 3 July 2016 at 9:50 am

    Hi guys
    Sad to say I stumbled over your blog not so long ago whilst researching for my own blog. As I am new to the blogging world I wanted to get a feel for what was already out there and the areas covered by various bloggers. Although I have read many a good blog yours was the one I kept coming back to. It is a visually beautiful blog, clean and sleek but more than that, just a darn good read! Well done guys sorry to see you go.