The Benefits of Providing Your Staff with Coffee

14 January 2014

External blog post. Thanks to Laura Inngrahm from for this blog post. She gives her thoughts on how coffee can boost productivity in the workplace.

No matter the size of your team or the environment that you work in, providing free coffee for your staff is a sure-fire of way of getting the best out of them. It seems simple, but there are so many benefits to supplying coffee to your employees.

According to this article, 38% of people think that they couldn’t live without coffee. And with a number of wholesalers selling commercial coffee supplies at discount prices, there is now little reason not to buy coffee for your staff.

People love coffee. Just look at the hundreds of coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa on the high street. However, these shops are expensive. You can help your employees keep spending to a minimum by giving them free coffee at work. And this has become the norm, with 65% of people saying they drink coffee when in the office, at an average of three cups a day. It doesn’t need to be expensive though, with discount coffee such as Douwe-Egberts-Pure-Gold-Instant available to buy online in bulk.

How Coffee Boosts Productivity

Coffee helps perk people up. It’s scientifically proven to make people more alert, more logical and more vigilant. Whether you are in a factory or an office, if you buy coffee for your staff it will help ensure that they are working to the best of their abilities. You can make it even easier for everyone by investing in an office-coffee-machine. This provides a quick, easy and convenient way for staff to access great tasting coffee.

Coffee breaks form an essential part of the day. People are supposed to step away from their desks for five minutes every hour to prevent information overload, muscle pain and eye strain. Stopping for short breaks also enables staff to get to know other people in the office, improving communications and boosting motivation.

Where to Buy Your Commercial Coffee Supplies

It doesn’t have to cost much to get commercial coffee supplies. Even fresh coffee can be cheap if you buy from an online coffee wholesaler, and your company will reap the benefits in terms of increased productivity.

Coffee-Buyer has a fantastic range of commercial coffee supplies, from instant and ground coffee to machines, sugar sachets and snacks, all available at great prices. Buy discount coffee online and you can rest assured that your staff will be happier and work harder.

External blog post. Thanks to Laura Inngrahm from for this blog post.

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  • CliftonCoffeeChris 17 March 2014 at 7:45 am

    Great article! We always find a caffeine buzz is the best way to stay productive. Although they seem a bit outdated; filter coffee machines can be a great option in the office, particularly if you can freshly grind the coffee.