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The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse

16 November 2014

Shrewsbury Coffee House

Heading back up north from a Welsh wedding, we recharged our batteries in The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse. It’s a delight to discover that excellent coffee has reached this corner of the country.

My coffee – a flat white with beans from HasBean – was excellently presented and tasted just as good. Rounded, without a hint of bitterness.

The surrounds are unpretentious, with splashes of humour. I’m thinking of the raggedy owl peering at customers from atop a light shade, and a toy pig beneath a sign for bacon & egg muffins. Very apt.

As is often the case outside the big UK cities, this is a coffee shop for the community. It seems to have a strong reputation in the town (not that there’s much, or anything, else on offer in terms of speciality coffee).

The competition may not be stiff, but The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse doesn’t rest on its laurels – everything, from the friendly staff to the decor to the coffee, spoke of passion and talent.

For anyone in or near Shrewsbury, it’s highly recommended.

5 Castle Gates

Website: shrewsburycoffeehouse.co.uk/
Twitter: @CoffeehouseLtd
Facebook: ShrewsburyCoffeehouse

We visited on 17 August 2014.

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