Top 10 Coffee Shops in Britain, 2010

5 February 2011

2009 was a successful one for British coffee and coffee shops. Gwilym Davies brought home the title of World Barista Champion and great independent coffee shops seem to be arriving thick and fast (particularly in London). If this blog’s readership is anything to go by, it seems more and more people are enjoying independent coffee shops.

For me, I feel 2009 was the year when I might have started to understand what constitutes great coffee.

But, as always, Cosy Coffee Shops is not just about coffee, it’s also about comfy, charming, friendly coffee shops. So with that in mind, I’ve nailed my colours to the mast with my first Top 10, for 2010. A difficult thing to do.

  1. Tina, We Salute You, London
    Tina, We Salute You, London
    Combining faultless coffee with style, friendliness, character, charm, a comfy sofa and decor which changes every 8 weeks is Tina, We Salute You. I fell in love on my first visit.
  2. Coffee Aroma, Lincoln
    Coffee Aroma, Lincoln
    A smashing coffee shop with a cult following. Run by Richard, who is just as pernickety about comfort, charm, character and friendly service as he is about coffee.
  3. Monmouth Coffee Company, London
    Monmouth Coffee Company, London
    A small but perfectly formed coffee shop in Covent Garden. Squeeze in to an ancient pew and enjoy some renowned coffee.
  4. Opposite Café, Leeds
    Opposite, Leeds
    Lou Henry’s café serves the best coffee in the region. It’s also a stylish, friendly, comfy place.
  5. Coffee Culture, York
    Coffee Culture, YorkThe coffee isn’t amazing, but in all other ways this is all I want in a coffee shop. The comfy seats, the rickity building and the friendy staff make this one of my favourites.
  6. Kilimanjaro Coffee, Edinburgh
    Kilimanjaro, EdinburghGreat coffee and all-round a super coffee shop.
  7. LJ Coffee House, London
    LJ Coffee House, LondonA smashingly friendly and charming place in Soho.
  8. Nude Espresso, London
    Nude Espresso, LondonThe owner is passionate about coffee and the place is welcoming, comfy and popular.
  9. Combibos, Oxford
    Combibos, OxfordA spacious and comfortable place in central Oxford, serving excellent coffee.
  10. Leoni, Malton, North Yorkshire
    Leoni, MaltonThe epitome of a down-to-earth coffee shop out in the sticks. Cosy, friendly and popular. And the coffee is good.

There are many more great coffee shops, including some I have yet to visit. Hopefully this list is a good starting-point, if nothing more.

Happy hunting.


January 2010.

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