Top 10 Coffee Shops in the World, for 2011

6 February 2011

In 2010 I had a wonderful 8 months away. I had coffee pooed by a weasel and some pooed by a cat. If it came out of an arse, I’d have it. There was wonderful latte art in Tokyo, and a brilliant café in the middle of a Mexican food market.

After all this, how could I resist compiling a list of my favourite coffee shops?

Only places I’ve visited appear on the list, so it’s not exactly comprehensive (to put it mildly). There’s plenty from the UK, reflecting the blog as a whole. As always, it’s about charm and coffee in equal measure.

Just a bit of fun!

I’m chuffed to bits that some of your have pilgrimaged around the Cosy Coffee Shops UK Top 10. Here’s another challenge for you

So here they are. The ten best coffee shops in the world, according to Cosy Coffee Shops…

  1. Lyttelton Coffee Company, New Zealand
    Lyttelton Coffee Company, Lyttelton, New Zealand
    The former owner of Flat White in Soho gets it spot on with this bustling, characterful place. The coffee’s perfect too.
  2. Tina, We Salute You, London
    Tina, We Salute You, London
    Combining faultless coffee with style, friendliness, character, charm, a comfy sofa and decor which changes every 8 weeks is Tina, We Salute You. I fell in love on my first visit.
  3. Cafe Passmar, Mexico City
    Cafe Passmar, Mexico City
    Once you’ve found the market, weave through the piñatas and pork chops to this brilliant coffee shop. The inauspicious location only adds to the charm.
  4. Single Origin Roasters, Sydney, Australia
    Single Origin Roasters, Sydney, Australia
    A bit less characterful than the first three, but a friendly, buzzing place with terrific coffee. Join the queues stretching through Surrey Hills.
  5. Coffee Aroma, Lincoln, England
    Coffee Aroma, Lincoln, England
    A smashing coffee shop with a cult following. Run by Richard, who is just as pernickety about comfort, charm, character and friendly service as he is about coffee.
  6. Kaffeine, London
    Kaffeine, Fitzrovia, LondonWith more friendliness, buzz and character than most other London offerings, plus wonderful coffee, Kaffeine does everything right.
  7. Hue Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hue Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Tiny, friendly Hue Cafe gets some of its beans from a weasel’s arse. They make for a terrific Vietnamese drip coffee.
  8. Double Tall, Tokyo, Japan
    Double Tall, Tokyo
    Brilliant latte art adorns quality coffee in this friendly Tokyo hub.
  9. Monmouth Coffee Company, London
    Monmouth Coffee Company, London
    A small but perfectly formed coffee shop in Covent Garden. Squeeze on to an ancient pew and enjoy a brew.
  10. Customs Brew Bar, Wellington, New Zealand
    Customs Brew Bar, Wellington
    For coffee-heads only, with a Clover, amongst other things. A hardcore coffee experience.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this page… I’m really sorry but your comments were lost in the big site revamp in Feb 2011. Sorry!

Tom, December 2010

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