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Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol

30 May 2009

Twoday is a petite roastery and shop which offers a small range of drink-in and take-away coffees.

Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol

Despite a lack of tables and chairs, I’m very happy to give Twoday a spot in Cosy Coffee Shops.

Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol

It is owned and run by Frank and Petra Deane.  They enjoyed some top notch coffee while living in Japan and decided Bristol needed the same.

Petra made me an espresso and it was delicious.  I took it with me as I wandered the shop, checking out mugs (hundreds of them!), along with the coffee equipment and beans, including green (unroasted) beans.

It’s very nicely arranged.

Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol

Most of Twoday’s money is made supplying beans to local cafés and restaurants, but they won’t sell to anyone: it’s a pre-requisite that their clients take an interest in coffee.  There are also plenty of local fans of good coffee who pop in to collect their weekly roast (one came in to collect a small regular order while I was there).  And of course there’s the likes of me stopping by for a quick drink.

The name comes from the fact that no coffee is sold that was roasted more than two days previously.

Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol

Twodays roast some great coffee and the shop is a mecca for anyone who enjoys a hot brew.

The excellent (and tiny) range of drinks on offer makes it enough of a coffee shop for me, even if it can’t be called “cosy”.

Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol Twoday Coffee Roasters, Bristol

A quick note about Baristas, 29 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AA…

I was looking forward to visiting Baristas on Victoria Street, a place which has been recommended by readers. Happily, one of the staff was getting married that day, but their joy was certainly outweighed by the sadness that swept over me when I noticed it was closed.  I’d recommend taking a look (and letting me know what it’s like, please).

135 St. Michaels Hill

We visited on 30 May 2009.

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  • vince ellis 6 August 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Frank at Twoday Roasters is a legend. A fantastic bloke – kind, full of advice and over flowing with information about coffee as well as being an amazing roaster.
    His shop is a real pleasure to visit, a treat.
    He is one of the best kept coffee secrets in Bristol.
    Along with Extract Coffee’s wonderful coffee kart on College Green, run by David Faulkner and his sister Sam, Twoday Roasters is THE place to enjoy a coffee in Bristol.
    Frank is a rarity – someone who is seriously into his coffee, yet very laid back and approachable.
    Along with David at Extract, he produces coffees that are memorable and full of character.
    He’s not a coffee snob, he won’t spend hours droning on about ‘notes of bubblegum’ or ‘hints of wet cashmere’ in his espresso shots.
    You won’t be hit with lines like ‘oooh, there’s a real tang of raspberry in that one’ that’ll leave you scratching your head and wondering why the hell there’s fruit in your shot of coffee.
    Frank wants coffee to taste like….er, well, coffee. Delicious coffee.
    No bollocks, just great tasting, awesome, memorable coffee.
    Frank and David let their coffees do the work. And thank God for plain speaking experts like them!

  • Paul West 8 September 2009 at 8:20 am

    I have had a coffee from the Extract Coffee Roasters stand in Park street, being from Australia I natuarally went for a flat white and I can honestly say it was the best coffee I have had since being in the uk, the milk was perfect and the shot, spot on. I hear the guys that run it are from NZ which makes sense.
    I am with Vince on the talk of bubblegum and tangs of rasberry, it is just waffle. I have worked as a Barista for years and been to many roastery’s down under and the guys who are worth their salt are the ones who just tell it how it is. I have not been to Two day yet but I will make it there to check it out, but for me at the moment it will be hard to beat Extract Coffee.

  • Josh Furlow 25 February 2010 at 12:53 am

    Just missed this too day. Was in bristol for a ucas open day for electronic eng with computer science. Whilst getting lost trying to find the place I walked past this and was hoping to come back latter ufortunatley I got there after 5 and it was closed, but from what I read I knew I would have been in for something good. I wanted to go to UCL because of the vast quantity of good coffee in bloomsbury but bristol is becoming a disciding factor since I’m now finding that coffee the way it should be is spreading. About coffee tasting not trying to be a snob, but some coffees do have suttle flavours of course some will take this too an extreme where they invision flavours that are not there. I would say fruity coffees are best just as espresso(there is such a thing as fruity tasting espresso) and chocolate style coffees like beans from Ethiopia or various areas of south America for drinks with milk, it just blends better. Trust me you don’t want fruity sweet sour in a milk based drink, it just clashes horibbly……, I think. Anyways I will hopefully be able to order online or mabey if I go to university of bristol.

  • PB 14 April 2011 at 10:59 am

    The best Americano (black coffee) i’ve ever tasted is from Two Day Roasters. Rich, dark, warm. Lovely. They also sell incredible beans and have a nice selection that tastes great at home. If you’re ever in the Cotham, Redland, Kingsdown area it’s well worth a trip.

    If you are south of the river, Baristas near Bristol Bridge is very good too. They don’t sell beans, it’s just a cafe, but quite cosy and proudly independent. Nice Americanos too.

  • Christian Costello 25 February 2014 at 11:58 am

    @ PB, they do sell beans, always have.

  • andy herbert 29 May 2014 at 8:49 am

    i use twoday roasters for my coffee i must say you cant beat the knowledge that petra an d frank have any queries just ask about coffee their more than helpful